Excursion Sefrou, Bhalil

Excursion Sefrou, Bhalil


A small Berber town, just 30 km southeast of Fez, is a quaint picturesque place situated on the edge of the Middle Atlas Mountains. It has a small but interesting medina, which once hosted one of the Morocco’s largest Jewish communities with as many as 8000 people, according to some accounts, and it was here that Moulay Idriss II lived while overseeing the buildings of fez. It’s an easy day trip from Fez.


This curious village is 5 km from Sefrou. It contains a number of troglodyte houses (cave dwellings) built into the picturesque mountain-side and painted in pastel hues of pink, yellow, and blue.

Duration: 1/2 day
lOCATION: Sefrou - Bhalil

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