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Private Morocco tours

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Enjoy with Fuma Tour Travel an amazing time. Experience with us the most breathtaking fes desert tours 2 days and chefchaouen day trip from fes


Fuma Tour Travel is your best option for PRIVATE MOROCCO TOURS .Our FES EXCURSIONS would definitely make you sightseeing the beautiful aspects of the Moroccan regions. The historical features and monuments are not the only things that make Morocco such a special country , the charm and diversity of the nature , plus the generosity and the hosbitality of the Moroccan local people would certainly make you fall in love with the country from your first day . Our PRIVATE MOROCCO TOURS Includes, Imperial Cities, old kasbahs & Medinas, Mosques, UNESCO Heritage Sites, Jewish heritage sites, Sahara Desert, magic Souk, Atlas Mountains, Atlantic Coast, Camel Trekking .

On our Private Morocco Tours ,We would take you on our FES DESERT TOUR 2 DAYS or FES DESERT TOURS 3 DAYS to enjoy the warmness and the calmness of the famous Moroccan Sahara .Our Morocco Sahara Desert Tours offer you an experience of a lifetime, sleeping under the stars and witnessing the sunset and sunrise from the top of a giant sand dune. We will do also some lifetime activities such as Camel Trekking , driving our luxurious ,comfortable 4x4 cars and camping in the middle of nowhere in a Nomadic berber tent enjoying the view of the endless stars and the sweet relaxing sounds of the sands .

With our FES EXCURSIONS, you would be able to discover different Cities and areas during FES EXCURSIONS or fes to chefhaouen day trip .Our Day Trips would allow you to discover some fascinating aspects about the culture and simple lifestyle of the locals .The FES EXCURSIONS are extended to different gorgeous regions that are near to Fez city , not only to introduce you to features of the Imperial city , but also its surroundings . You will get also through FES EXCURSIONS to try the magnificent tasty local dishes , such as ‘’Al Medfouna ‘’ , a local dish that you can only find in the Saharian desert regions like Merzouga . ‘’Tanjia’’ , the symbolic dish of Marrakech . ‘’Tajine’’ the meal that you will surely find in every single Moroccan house .

Our PRIVATE MOROCCO TOURS offers guided journeys to the Sahara either by FES DESERT TOURS 2 DAYS or FES DESERT TOURS 3 DAYS that will suit your needs, requirements , time frame and budget . We have the desire to share with our travelers the liberty of the nomad life style and the absolute soul of adventure with Fuma Tour Travel's professional team .

morocco private tours

Our Morocco Private Tours

fes desert tours 2 days

Fes desert tours 2 days is one of the best private morocco tours to explore the desert of Morocco

Fes desert tours 3 days

Private Morocco tours a fes desert tours 3 days a beautiful and adventurous experience to live with us

Our Fes Excursions

Fes Excursions To Chefchaouen Day Trip

Fes Excursions to chefchaouen day trip to discover the amazing blue city of Morocco

Fes Excursions To volubilis Day trip

Explore historical monument of morocco, in fes excursions to volubilis to discover wonderful sights.

Fes Guided Tours

Enjoy an imperial city amazing tour , explore all wonderful places and monuments in fes guided tour

Our Private Morocco Tours and Fes Excursion

Private Morocco tours , fes excursions and activities are a specialty of Fuma Tour Travel. With us you can explore and enjoy all that Morocco has to offer: visiting the beautiful Atlantic coast, exploring the historic imperial cities, hiking Todra Gorge, or camel trekking the sand dunes of Sahara and sleeping in the desert. you might also spend a chefchaouen day trip from fes to discover the beauty of the blue city of morocco wich is one of many distination in our fes excursions

Morocco desert tours

Private Morocco Tours

Fuma Tour Travel your best travel agency offer a wide range of pre-designed private morocco tours that meet your aspirations and expectations in every tour. We promise, you will discover amazing and wonderful views and lifestyle.

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Excursion from fes

Fes excursions

Fuma Tour Travel has the best fes excursions in Morocco (e.g. camel trekking, trips and excursions). We offer excursions throughout Morocco and around Fes. discover with us stunning places and live an unforgettable fes excursions.

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Morocco private tours

Shuttles & transfers

Fuma Tours Travel provides convenient, efficient, and reliable private shuttle services and transfers between all major cities in Morocco. beside private morocco tours and fes excursions enjoy our shuttle services and transfers in comfortable cars.

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About Morocco


The Kingdom of Morocco lies at the border of Europe, just 15 km from the Spanish southern coast and offers Westerners a fascinating insight into Arab, Berber, and Islamic cultures. Morocco has unique accommodations (including Riads and old Kasbahs), a large variety of landscapes (including ancient cities, vast mountain ranges, beautiful coastlines, and endless deserts), and a wonderful culture which can combine for an unforgettable holiday for individuals, couples, families, and small groups.

Morocco desert tours
Country name: Kingdom of Morocco
Area: 710,850 km
Population: more than 34 million
Capital: Rabat
People: 56% Arab, 43% Berber, 0.7% foreigners, 0.2% Jews
Languages: Arabic and Berber, as well as French, Spanish and English.
Religion: Islam
Political System: Constitutional monarchy
Head of State: Mohammed 6
VI Economic Profile: GDP: US.5 billion GDP per head: US,100
Inflation: from 10% in the beginning of the 1990, to 1.6% in 2004